Florida painter, Everglades, Marco Island, artist Jo-Ann Sanborn


Sky Thoughts, 2014, Jo-Ann Sanborn
acrylic on board, 8"x8"
This time of year Mother Nature provides us wonderful cloudscapes, sometimes during the day as the clouds build, and others during the early evening as the sun gets ready for bed.  
While I'm appreciative of these fleeting moments of beauty, I gaze at the sky and feel inadequate to interpret its beauty.  Trying to get the luminosity of wondrous light out of the solidity of paints is not an easy task.


Peaceful Path, daily painting by Everglades artist Jo-Ann Sanborn

Peaceful Path, 2014, Jo-Ann Sanborn
acrylic on board, 7"x5"
You can follow this path in a kayak, a small boat, or in your mind, but it will be a peaceful passage.  There's little wind, few clouds, and no thoughts of danger.  Hope your day is just like this, with maybe a touch of progress in whatever you're working on today.  Enjoy.  


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