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ArtWalk Wednesday and some specials

Thank you!
Collector's like you make doing business a real pleasure.  
I love starting the New Year fresh and clean, so I'm cleaning out the studio.

For ArtWalk this month, I'll be offering SPECIAL PRICING on a few of my older paintings. Not only that, but I'll ship for free in the US! So if there's something you've been watching, now is a great time to purchase.
Wednesday, December 28
There will be some other specials, and treats for everyone!
5-p pm

*if you are not on the island, you can see much of my older work on my website. If you see something you like, and it's an older painting, contact me and we'll talk about a price to satisfy us both.

Ask about a lay-a-way plan!

And I'm wishing you a very 
Happy New Year!


Merry Christmas!

to those who are celebrating
Merry Christmas!
One of the real joys
of the
Holiday Season
is the opportunity to say
Thank You
and to wish all of you
the very best for the
New Year!


Saw Palm Magazine, Painting by Everglades artist Jo-Ann Sanborn

On Dan House Prairie, Jo-Ann Sanborn

Saw Palm is a literary and art magazine that began as a creative writing project for a class at the University of South Florida.  It's fun, colorful, thoughtful, with a bit of an edge.  I follow it because it follows a Florida lifestyle.

As an artist, every submission means that you might have to accept the rejection that invariably come, no matter how well known you get or how good the work.  "If you can't do the time, (rejection) don't do the crime (submission.)"  courtesy of my husband, retired law enforcement. 

When I got up the gumption, I submitted some Everglades material and was delighted to discover that my submission has been accepted!  A written piece was accepted to Saw Palm's Places to Stand in Florida, and two of my paintings will be published in the next issue.

My submission for Places to Stand in Florida is the introduction to my book,  You and can see Places to Stand in Florida on Dan House Prairie here.

My apologies for last week's abundance of posts, some twice and some before their time.  I work really hard at making what you get in your inbox meaningful to you.  You can envision me using the the bad words of your choice when this happened, not once but twice!  So sorry!

The studios will close at 2 pm on Christmas Eve day, so get your last minute goodies before then.  We'll reopen on December 28th, the last Wednesday of the month for ArtWalk.  Please join us for "Out with the Old, In with the New for our usual good cheer and some special pricing on many works of art.


Fiber! Heading Home by Everglades artist Jo-Ann Sanborn

Heading Home, 2011 Jo-Ann Sanborn
acrylic on canvas, 8"x10"

I headed home tired earlier this week after having a great time decorating the palm trees in the courtyard of the Marco Island Center for the Arts.  A fiber show is coming in January, an exchange program with some fiber artists from Maine. Marco artists will show in a gallery in Portland, Maine, summer 2012. 

In order to generate excitement it seemed appropriate to herald the show with a leading act. 

Some creative people

 Some natural fibers, some project leftovers, and some great ideas
 add up to some very fine, fibrous, figurative fugitives! 

I'm an island girl at heart, and using nature's bounty suited me perfectly.  We're hoping the wind isn't too hard on them.  You'll have to visit the Art Center to see the rest! Thanks, Sandy and Joanne! 
Fiber, Art Center, January.  Don't miss it! 


How to Make a Comment on a Blog, and Autumn Grasses, by Everglades Artist Jo-Ann Sanborn

Autumn Grasses, 2011 © Jo-Ann Sanborn
Acrylic on Canvas, 18"x24"

With autumn now past and the dry season upon us, the grasses in the Everglades won't be as green again until middle of the wet season.  They'll be turning gold and grey, and often beautiful purples as they dry out from lack of rain. 

I've been posting this blog since 2007, and have met some wonderful artists and others online who have enriched my life.  Sometimes a bond is formed through comments.  Comments are also a great way to hear from friends, and from others interested in the same subjects. 

People have told me that they have tried to comment on my blog but are unable to do so.  Sometimes I get comments by email but not on the blog, so I'm going to give you a beginner's guide to commenting in the hopes of getting a few more comments! 

There are several types of blogs, like Blogger (mine) and Wordpress.  The process is just a little different on each but once you have done one. you should be able to do others.  Mine's on Blogger, so I'll tell you how, here:

1.  Find the place to make a comment 
Find the Comment Section at the bottom of the each post.  On mine, it's in the white box at the end of the written part of the blog, but before "older posts"
Once your comment is made and you are identified, a verification box will come up.  You must get all the letters and numbers right, and in the right case, for the verification to be complete.
5.  Be Patient
Your comment will appear once I have approved it.  I had a bevy of spam comments a few years ago, and check to make sure they are real comments before posting them. It's usually only a few hours.
Your comments are welcome and enjoyed by anyone who reads a blog.  It's your chance to participate in an online conversation.  And if it still doesn't work, thanks for trying and don't worry.  I love getting your emails, too. 

Are you shy?  Clicking on "Like" or 1+ is a quiet way to participate!  


Clean Air and Water, Swamp daily painting by Everglades Artist Jo-Ann Sanborn

Swamp, 2011, © Jo-Ann Sanborn
acrylic on board, 7"x5

My soapbox, once again!  Swamps need protection, too!

Dirty deals are being made in Washington, and Everglade’s recovery is threatened once more.  The Everglades suffer from excessive nutrient levels, the results of runoff from agriculture, particularly big sugar.  Excessive nutrients cause changes in the Everglades ecosystems 

There are attempts to add Anti-clean air and Anti clean water riders to bills that need to be passed, but have nothing to do with clean air and water, and will work around 40 year old standards.  If bills are passed with these riders attached, standards set for Everglades restoration will suffer.

Federal Regulation has been effective in turning around polluted spots.  I grew up in Gloucester, Mass, where a sewer “bubbler” in the harbor made swimming there impossible.  There were few fish, and often a stink.  The Clean Water Act was the reason to sewer the city—not easy on heavy rock ledge.  It was done, and the harbor began to improve.  Forty years later the water in Gloucester Harbor sparkles and people can eat the fish they catch off the docks.  Success stories can be found around New England, and perhaps where you live.  

Corporate concern for a cleaner planet is rare, and to be widespread and effective, clean air and water regulations standards must be consistent and mandated by federal regulation. 

Most Florida legislators know that that the Everglades are important to the well-being of the already stressed gulf, and to fisheries in Florida Bay, as well as the economics of our state, but may be outvoted on this legislation.  They are also reliant on big business, particularly big agricultural concerns, and their votes are not always consistent with providing the best for our environment. 

Let’s use our votes wisely to move forward rather than backwards, especially where our beautiful country is concerned.  Let’s demand protection for the Everglades, with clean air and clean water, and make sure our current legislators know how we feel.


Holiday Newsletter Excerpt - A word about Art Collectors

Below is an excerpt from my Holiday newsletter.  You can see the whole newsletter here and sign up to receive it from either my blog or my website.

Snowman #4, 2011, jo-Ann Sanborn
acrylic on canvas, 7"x5"
Collector 's Corner

YOU are special! People who buy original art are a special breed. They know that originals are special and unique.

While "something" for the walls can be purchased in many big box stores, meeting the artist, discussing your special requirements, and choosing the perfect piece to complement your life and your home is something that will be remembered and enjoyed for years to come.

You will own something one of a kind, and truly unique. It will say "quality" to the friends and family who visit your home. 

Box store paintings may fade over time, and be easily disposed of when your decor changes. After a while you don't even see them on the wall. 

An original artwork usually holds it's value, both in the cost you pay and in the joy it gives you over the years. 

It's such a pleasure for me when someone says "your paintings make us happy!" It completes the circle for the work I do. Thank you!!


One more Snowman, a Winner and a Store

Snowman  #9
acrylic on board, 5"x7"

Hope you're enjoying this seasonal snowmen sampling! I promise to get back to the Everglades landscape soon. If you were not able to aquire one my painted snowmen this year, don't worry.  I'm already thinking about making the Snowman Extravaganza an annual event.  You can see the 2011 Snowmen here

If you are in the frozen North land during a good snowstorm this year, please send me a photo of the snowman you or your family make as inspiration for next years group! 

Congratulations to the winners of the Fall Painting Give-Away!
Shown here with their choice, "Catching the Light"

Three times a year I give away a daily painting to people who receive my newsletter.   I'll ask someone for a number from one to 600.  I'll write it down, and then look up who's name is next to that number on my email list.  They win!  The numbers change as people subscribe or unsubscribe, so I have no way of knowing who's name is even close to the selected number.  I was delighted to see that people dear to my heart won this month! 

You can be eligible by signing up for my newsletter, and once you are signed up you will be included in every drawing for as long as you receive the newsletter. 

I'm trying something new.  Promoting Sue Smith's book made me think that you might like some other things I like, so I've started an Amazon store. 

Featured are things I like and use, books I've found especially useful, as well as some things you might like as gifts for artists or people who like art.  I'll see where this goes and will change it out seasonally.  In any case, if you like shopping at Amazon, look for MY AMAZON STORE it on the right sidebar of my blog.


Flag to fly over Marco Island

Faye Biles and artist Carolyn Burger viewing
painting done by the 12 Artist Colony at the Esplanade artists

The Artist Colony at the Esplanade was recently asked to participate in a project to bring a large American flag to fly over Marco Island.  We decided to each interpret "flag" in our own way, and artist Lee Horton merged the paintings together into one frame.

The painting was given to the Flag Committee, to help raise awareness and to be used as a fundraising tool.  On Monday, the painting was in the lobby of Marco Island City Hall, where the Flag committee was to make a presentation.

The painting will be on display at Iberia Bank for you to see.  Since I didn't get a close-up, you'll have to visit it there to guess which artist did which painting?  Some might surprise you!

To see more of the work of the Artist Colony artists, visit the website here


Another Snowman, and reflection on "Intentions"

Snowman #5
acrylic on board, 7"x5"

Another snowman--I had such fun painting them!
Along with the holidays comes a lot of end of year work for me.  Alyson Stanfield, Art biz guru, taught me to reflect on what I've accomplished.  We tend to forget the positives and focus on the negatives, and looking at what you've accomplished is a great way to lift your spirits for the Holidays.  Not too much more will be completed before Christmas, so now is a good time to reflect on what's done. 

I'll show you what some of my personal goals were and what parts of them were accomplished.  It really helps me to have a list like this, although life is certainly much more fluid than any list.  The list is really meant for personal use, so it's a little confusing.  But with the list, it's a simple matter of turning something red when it's done.  When I have a little time a look at the list and it reminds me of what I had set as priorities.   

The "reds" are things I've worked on or done, the "blacks" are remaining to do.  I'm proud of what did get done, and the always present gaping lapses will be reevaluated for inclusion in 2012. 

What's your method for keeping yourself on track? 

“Intentions” 2011

In the Studio
     Work to complete two paintings a week in addition to three dailies
          not quite, but did better on the daily paintings
          Solo Show Feb - 25 new paintings completed
     Continue to improve technical skills
         Take at least one workshop – did Mitchell, February
          Look for the “wow” factor in each painting working on this!
          Learn more about color values and how value is affected by hue.
               Ongoing,read a couple more books,  I can never learn it all!
     Improve drawing through small studies
          Accept commission work that forces drawing – 1 complete
          Used sketchbook more often for preliminary drawings
     Finish inventorying paintings
          Catalogue at least 1 letter group per month or look for assistant! 
          (leftover - no progress again!
     Spruce up StudioRepainted, made shelves, purchased new chairs                             
     Improve collector relations
          Better recognition for multiple purchases
               Sent new book to collectors with 5 paintings or more
               Send post cards for solo show
           Develop testimonial page on website or blog?
               still thinking about this.  2012?
           Better gift and appreciation recognition
                 Gift of book to multiple purchasers
                Give post card to studio visitors
          Purchasers of Studio Paintings
               Sent a postcard  or small watercolor thank you
          Reach out to Everglades community
               Participated in Friends of the Fakahatchee Safari  - members
              Donated to two support groups
          Color Confidence – January
          Florida Landscape – Acrylic - March
          Make handouts consistent with beginning year format and info
          Added  “internet” homework assignments to expose students to wealth of info & ideas
        Think about adding a plein-air day class in the fall - didn't
Traditional Marketing –
         Update in January for year
          Improve consistency of marketing materials - better, can do better
         Postcards - done
         Rack cards done
        Advertise monthly with Artist Colony
          Advertise in Everglades Magazine – done, no date yet for printing
          Developed and print book - done
Internet Marketing
               Upgrade website to newer version of FASO
                Keep current!  Add new paintings and Events first of every month
                Change website to reflect my name for better recognition
               Improve blog consistency - Yikes, needs work!
                              Assign days for special topics? 
                              Mon-Everglades, Wed-my work, Friday–Arts Com?.
                              Go back to dailys with "buy now" button?
                    Sent email newsletter but not regularly
                    Think about breaking up newsletter and sending monthly again?         
               Improved Facebook Image
               Twitter – OK for now
               Added Google +

Arts Community
          Hold fun event quarterly for Colony - didn't, will work on this in 2012
          Marco Island Arts Advisory Committee – Arts Afire Awards Chairman
          Marco Island Art League
                 Teach 2x yearly
                Attend first Tuesdays - did when possible
                Show in member shows  - did whenever possible
                Support financially or other as possible  -
                    developed and chaired Luncheon for the Arts
          National and Florida National Association of Women Artists
                    Showed  once in each
          Florida Artist Group – show 1X, have to let membership drop, just can't do it all
           Support other artists by attending their shows when possible. 

As usual, life takes it's own path, and some things I intended didn't get done, and others took much more time or effort than I had though.  I experimented and became much more comfortable with glazing, and am pleased with the results of several new paintings.  I didn't foresee the Snowman Extravagamza but had a ball doing it and will most likely do it again.  All artists have to be prepared to follow where the paint takes you FIRST! 

 All in all, I've made some progress and am pleased with the year.  Later in the month I'll look ahead to the new year and make a new list of "intentions." to help guide me. 

If you'd like to know more about some things to grow your art business, check out Alyson's book on the right hand side of the  blog page.  It's a great way to start the new year.  You can put it on your Christmas list, or just  give yourself a present.  She;s giving some free gifts along with it, too! 

This works for non-artists, too.  Think about the various aspects of your life and how you'd like to improve over the next year.  It's hard to get ahead when you don't know where you're going, and a list of intentions can help lead the way. 


Artist Sue Favinger Smith, daily painting by Everglades artist Jo-Ann Sanborn

Did you choose a SNOWMAN?  The Snowman Extravaganza was a fun event with a nice turnout.  Look for new Snowman Extravaganza this time next year!  Some of you in the frozen north will be able to make your own snowmen soon.  If you do, send me a photo for next year's inspirations! 

Today, something a little different.  I'm excited to recommend artist Sue Favinger Smith's new book, Ancient Wisdom:  Emerging Artist

Sue and I have never met in person, but we met online a few years ago when we were both members of the Daily Painters Google Group.  At the time it was a vibrant, interactive group containing terrific questions and answers for evolving and established artists and contained a wealth of information on making and marketing art for someone seeking.  You can read it, archived online here if you'd like.

Sue asked for artists who had chosen art as a profession later in life to contact her to be interviewed for her Ancient Artist Blog.  While I was a little uncomfortable being labeled "ancient, to her someone over 50, I was not one to pass up potential opportunity, (she has a chapter in the book on Knowing Your Opportunities) I sent her an email volunteering myself.  We spoke for quite a while on the phone, and a delightful interview was the result. 

We've kept in touch by commenting on each others blogs from time to time and cheering each other's successes along the way.  We both hold proud memberships in the National Association of Women Artists.  Recently she contacted me to tell me she was sending me a copy of her new book. 

I was trying to explain Sue Smith to my husband last night.  "She's deep," I said, "an old soul with much wisdom sort of way. Her work is rich and thoughtful, as are her words.  The fact that she likes me is an honor. "

The book came, and I opened it, delighted to have it and pleased for her.  Imagine my surprise to find a comment I had made ON THE BACK COVER of her book!  Talk about honor, it brought tears to my eyes.  I had said "Your Emerging Artist Business Plan is fabulous, Sue.  It's a path for life as well as art, and a gift for anyone willing to accept it.  There's a depth here for everyone regardless of level.  Thank You!" 

I meant it.  If you'd like to add Ancient Wisdom: Emerging Artist to your art library, you can get it for yourself  through my Amazon affiliate link below.  By the way, at what age would YOU be ancient?

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