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Turkey, Ben Franklin, and More

We spotted this fellow showing off to a few of his friends on a visit to Maine. Isn't he magnificent? Just what Ben Franklin must have been thinking about when the country was choosing the national bird. The turkey, however, lost out to the Bald Eagle. Oh, well. Bald is beautiful, too!

The Fall Arts and Craft fair at the Marco Island Center for the Arts on Saturday had just the right amount of visitors and artists. It was a small, intimate show, with enough time to talk with everyone, artists and collectors alike. Three of my paintings went for home visits, and may be adopted.

I'm taking time out this week to visit with family over the Thanksgiving holiday and will be doing what fits into their schedule this week. Such a pleasure to be with adorable grandsons. You may remember with Nate did a great painting of me painting in my studio last year. I'll cook a large turkey with all the trimmings and share the leftovers, especially the pies, with everyone.

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to look at what's important to us, and to remember how fortunate we are to live here on beautiful Marco Island with the natural world so close. Whatever your own situation this Thanksgiving, take a moment to reflect on our troops, so far away from family and friends, in such difficult situations. You can send them a card to let them know that they're appreciated. Thanks to Xerox, (and Diana who told me about it) it's easy and will only take seconds to send a soldier a thank you card by clicking here.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Fall Arts & Crafts show tomorrow, Lifting Clouds daily painting by Everglades artist

Lifting Clouds
5x7, Acrylic on Canvas

After years of doing outdoor art shows almost three weekends every month from November to March, I've really enjoyed being in one space at the Esplanade Studio. But today I'm packing the car and setting up for the Marco Island Center for the Arts Fall Arts and Craft show to be held on Saturday.

I haven't done it since the Spring, so there's a lot to think about. Will the tent be fine when I set it up? Will I remember how? Paintings? Sales info? Hanging materials? Display materials? Signage? Chair? Then there's the actual physical packing, getting the car ready and lugging everything in and out.

It's a lot of work, but so nice once it's done. It's fun to see the artists who come from far and wide to display their work, and nice to visit with my collectors and people who may become collectors or just enjoy looking at original art.

Try to make time to stop at the show. It's one day only, Saturday, November 21. This will be a small show, but very important to helping out the financially endangered Marco Island Center for the Arts. They'll ask for a two dollar donation if you come--give more if you can!


Foggy Morning
5x7, acrylic on board

Several of the artists who met for almost three years at a once a month art talk luncheon are involved in the Artist Colony at the Esplanade. We're on regular schedules, and don't seem to have time to just sit around, have lunch, and discuss art.

It seems silly to take the time since we have the opportunity to see each other around the complex. But we're much more likely to say "Did we get our first electric bill yet?" (we did, and it's affordable, thank goodness!) than what did you think of the Founders Show this year?

I miss our sit down, relax, and talk about art luncheons. I want to know what each of my artbfriends are up too--not running around the Colony, but in their art minds. I want to see their latest work and hear what it means to them. Maybe we can plan a breakfast soon.


Palm Reflection
5x7, acrylic on board
$150, framed and shipped

Ribbon Cutting at the new Artist Colony at the Esplanade. All seventeen of us are in the photo, but I'm behind the guy in the wheel chair and the woman with the scissors. It was a fabulous event that met all of our expectations. We were delighted to have so many segments of our community turn out for the event! When the artists party, we do have a good time!

We're all part of the Artist Colony, but have decided that names for our three separate storefronts will help people to locate us within the complex. My studio mates are still debating a name for ours. The group gallery, nine artists, have named themselves "Waterfront Gallery to highlight their location. The other studio/gallery of three artists named Portside, again for their location.

It would seem that Starboard Studios and Gallery would be a logical choice, but some don't like it. For others, we're re as far apart as can be on a proper name. Here are some of the suggestions:

Northcourt Studios & Gallery
Marina Studios & Gallery
Harborside Studios
The Rightside Gallery
Rightside Gallery
Number 5 Gallery & Studios
Gallery 5 and Studios or Art Gallery 5 & Studios
Force 5 Studio and Gallery
Marco Art Gallery and Studio
Courtyard Studios & Gallery
>MI Gallery and Studios
Gulf Coast Gallery & Studios
Studio 760

We're certainly trying. I've changed my mind several times, but now like Marina Studios and Gallery. Maybe that's because I'm from Gloucester, MA, and a lot of the very best studios are along the waterfront in the Marinas. I could also go with Starboard or Courtyard. What do you think?


You're Invited!

Artist Colony at the Esplanade
Grand Opening

Thursday, November 12, 5-8 pm

Meet the Artists!
Carolyn Burger, Darren Clack, Tony Dallman-Jones, Maggie DeMarco, Robert Frettoloso, Tracy Gudgel, Sandy Howe, Inez Hudson, Claire Keery, Carolyn McAndrew, William Ward Mosley,
Betty Newman, Tara O'Neill, Susan Patton, Phyllis Pransky, Pat Perroti and Jo-Ann Sanborn

An evening of art, music and other delights!

Artist Colony at the Esplanade
740-760 North Collier Blvd
Marco Island, Florida, 34145

Hope you can come!


Marco Island Center for the Arts Birthday Bash

The Marco Island Center for the Arts 40th birthday bash was lots of fun. It was back to the sixties with Harvey Wallbangers, great outfits, simple but delicious food, terrific decorations and a good time had by all. It was so nice to see long time Art League supporter and artist Charlie Horn looking terrific and having a wonderful time.

Collaborative 40, the painting above, is the result of 40 different artists taking a prepared panel and using their own creative image and materials to complete it. Everyone had their own panel favorites.

Because there is Velcro on the supports and Velcro on the panels, they can be arranged in a variety of ways and in any direction. A number of party guests tried their hand at arranging the panels to suit themselves. Some lucky party participant will have the opportunity to arrange the artwork for final installation. Can't wait to see it!

Yes, I've been painting the daily paintings, but am having some difficulty getting a decent photo to post. They look fine in my new camera at the studio, but awful when I get them to the computer. Hope to overcome this soon!


Fab Five Exhibition, Marco Island

Artists Betty Newman, Jo-Ann Sanborn, Inez Hudson, Tara O'Neill, and Phyllis Pransky are Marco Island's Fab Five!

So much art to see on Marco Island these days! The new Artist Colony at the Esplanade with 17 artists in 3 locations makes for a great art walk. But don't stop there! If you haven't visited the Blue Mangrove Gallery, just across the way in Town Center Mall on Marco Island, you're missing something special.
Owner Christie is a great supporter of the arts and artists, and the Fab Five Exhibition is the first of it's kind on the island. She's chosen five island artists for an exhibition, and the reception was held last Wed evening. A nice steady crowd turned out for the event. The gallery looked great and the reception was lots of fun.
Someone asked me if we were in competition. My answer was that art is very personal, and that when people look at the wall of fifteen paintings, three from each artist, any two people probably wouldn't pick the same favorite. Since we each have our own style, some people will respond stronger to some artists than others.
We grow by knowing each other's art, learn from each others critique, but we share each other's joy when a painting finds a good home.


Out with the Girls
5x7, acrylic on board
$150 framed and shipped

Reception Tonight
Five Fabulous Femmes Exhibition
Inex Hudson, Betty Newman, Tara O'Neill, Phyllis Pransky, Jo-Ann Sanborn
Blue Mangrove Gallery
See you there!


Artist Colony artists were up for some fun
On the night the pumpkins danced

With bats and goblins all around

We were all entranced!

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