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Children's Story Illustrations, Full Studio

I'm working on illustrations for another children's story, so spending a lot of time sketching raccoons, honey bears and falling leaves. This is the first small, preliminary watercolor. Sorry the colors don't balance properly--the background smudges should be blue-green tones but the camera would not cooperate this morning! As you can see from this first effort, there's a lot to work on. The composition leads you right out of the painting instead of keeping you in the scene. The leaves look contrived, and the trees aren't properly constructed. But the colors will work - honestly, they do - and my watercolor skills get better with each go round. I'll show you another when my set of five is complete and I'm satisfied with the results!

In the meantime the studio is filling up. There's some nice new things from my work over the summer. My show at the Art League comes down today so space will get even tighter. Next week one of my galleries is moving and will be returning paintings until after the move. It's tight, but you are always welcome. Just call ahead if you'd like to make a studio visit! Have a wonderful holiday weekend!


Afternoon Calm daily Painting, Stars and Mushrooms

On my morning walk today the little sliver of a moon was so brilliant it lit up the shape of the whole round moon, and Orion was bright in the eastern sky. It was a little earlier than usual so the light of dawn didn't begin to diminish the twinkle of a million stars. The dawn quiet was peaceful and soothing. As I turned back the lower western sky held no stars--could they be hiding behind clouds? We haven't had a day without any rain for weeks now and colonies of white capped mushrooms are sprouting up all over Marco. Anyone know if they're good to eat?

Don't forget the poster contest for the Naples National Art Show yesterday. The due date is September 1, so if you're going to enter you don't have much time. Get the specifications from the application because they're a little different than last year. If you win you're guaranteed a spot and receive a free booth space! Got to try!

Afternoon Calm
7" x 5"
acrylic on board


Florida Home and Design, Daily Painting by Jo-Ann Sanborn

My good friend Kira Krumm, an international design maven of great renown, recently surprised me with a copy of Florida International Home and Design Magazine. Inside was an article about one of her designs including a photo of one of my paintings in the entrance foyer to the home. She wanted the owners to get the feel for their elegantly designed Florida home as soon as they got off the elevator. Unfortunately the magazine doesn't let you read the issues, so you'll have to look at the photo here or pick up the magazine. Kira's taste is exquisite and her website a work of art, visit it and see another of my paintings in the article, under Home Tours, "Urban Chic meets Marco Beach"! It's one of the last photos in that set.

Kira and I will be working together to encourage and support the arts as members of the City of Marco's Arts Advisory Committee. Together with several other appointed members, we will advise the City on matters of the Arts. Should be fun.

Water View
7" x 5"

acrylic on board
$150 with FREE shipping and handling in the US


Art Market, By the Gulf Daily Painting

As money tightens and our middle America customers are spending more on necessities, the purchase of art is one thing that can be denied or delayed. As a result, many artists are realizing reduced sales in the current economy.

Partly because prices have risen over the years and partly in response to this economy, my practice for the last year or so has been to do at least three small daily paintings a week, The small paintings can a miniature of a larger painting, but never exactly the same, a study for a larger painting, or just playing with the paints and colors for the pure joy of it. Since I don't do copies of my paintings (some call these "prints",) these small paintings are ideal for beginning collectors, for people with small spaces or small art budgets, or as gifts. I sell them framed in a lovely gold fame and they've been quite popular.

These small, "dailies" can be inspired by the morning sunrise, the moon over the palms, a walk on the beach, just about anythng. They're fun to do and are definatley helping me to grow as an artist. Because my name is on them, I want each and every one to be the best it can be and be able to stand alone. That's why you're seeing this painting that was sold to a dear colllector as a gift last week instead of the one I painted yesterday. It needs another pass or two with the brush before it's ready to be out in public!

By the Gulf
7" x 5"
acrylic on board


Blog Comments, Breezing Up, painting by JoAnn Sanborn

Our headlines this morning "Could Have Been Worse" and "Fay leaves Marco Soggy" pretty much sum up the experience of the last couple of days here on Marco Island. I love watching the palms sway and bend in the wind and am amazed at their ability to take a beating and keep on their feet! And the needed rains came.

Thanks to the many people who wrote to wish us well, with special thanks to artist Bonnie Luria, Internet friend, creative blog writer and welcomed, attentive commenter. However it's clear that many of my dearest friends and relatives, as well as some fabulous art collectors, have something to say but are clueless about how to leave a comment on a blog. So here goes:

The comment spot is that last spot in the day's posting, under the day's writing, after the paypal button if there is one, and after a list of labels that help the search engines know what the blog is about. It's the last thing on each days page, directly after "posted by Jo-Ann Sanborn"

Once you find the comments spot, click on it and a comment box will come up. You write your comment there. You may have to verify some letters to make sure you aren't spamming, hit "publish" and after a while your comment will appear. I'll get an email telling me you've commented.

You can post it anonymously if you wish, and no one will see the email address. If you don't do it anonymously, someone can click on the highlighted name and an email or blog of the person who wrote the comment will appear. It's called connecting. Some people create an email identity just for this purpose.

If you get the blog in your mailbox each day rather than check on it directly, you will need to get to the actual blog before you can comment. If you comment by replying, your comment will come to me eventually but does not appear on the blog. Here's your procedure:

Near the bottom of the page at the end of the post is a line that states "posted by Jo-Ann Sanborn Daily. It's in blue on my machine and should be "live" on yours. You should be able to click on this and the full blog will come up and you can follow the instructions above.

So, be brave! Someday when you've got a comment, leave it for all the world to see!

Breezing Up
7" x 5"


Get Your Feet Wet Daily Painting by Joann Sanborn

Tropical Storm Fay, or Hurricane Fay, will be stopping by Marco Island sometime in the next 36 hours, and oh, yes, she has our attention. Anyone with any sense on the Florida coast takes the threat of a potential hurricane seriously. All eyes are following Fay's progress and taking preparations even though we're not yet sure of her path.

Two days ago we tied down the boat, and yesterday we took up the dock furniture and cleared off the lanai. Hanging plants and orchids are tucked among the roots of the mixed border hedge. We have easy to prepare food on hand and plenty of water. And we're relieved that we replaced all the old sliding doors on the back of the house with hurricane code doors this past spring.

Although the local news does a great job of coverage, we go to the NOAA site for the best and most accurate information. The discussion is the best part of the site because it tells the rational behind the forecast and helps with making decisions about the best course of action. Look for it as a click-on above the charts. So we're ready for rain and wind, and probably some landscape damage and power outages. There's some potential for storm surge too.

On the other hand, a storm like this is just nature's way of giving a much needed seasonal bath to this part of the world. The wind will blow away all the debris that clutters up the native palms giving them a natural haircut, and spread their seeds around. The rains will bring extra water to the nearby Everglades and the many forms of life that depend on a good dose of rain now and then to flourish. Storms like this are necessary to the health of our environment. We've just got to learn to make good decisions about how to handle them!

Even with storm preparations I had time to finish Getting your Feet Wet. Hopefully, we won't!

Getting your Feet Wet
7" x 5"


Spirit Sisters

The five palms trees in this painting look just like sisters. Are they actually related or just dear friends who think alike? We'll never know, since how plants relate to each other is not something we're often concerned about. I liked their similar appearance and height, and the way they had distanced themselves from the brush in the background. Perhaps some bird carried their seed to this little bit of higher ground and they were all able to flourish. Now they're proud and tall, and if there's enough land around them just a few inches above the swamp they'll be able to see their offspring grow up around them.

Many of us spend much of our lives in beautiful paradise on Marco Island, yet are unable to have our dear families near. I must admit to a little envy of those who have convinced their offspring to join here! At least we're not rooted to the spot and can take of to visit when we get missing them too much!

Spirit Sisters
7" x 5"


Children's Story Illustration Change from Everglades!

I've just delivered the first six illustrations for a children's story called "The Berry Good Berry and Nut Company" Let me introduce you to Sammy Squirrel and his helper Midget Mouse. Midget is throwing her worries to the wind at Wayward Willies, and the friends are relaxing at Sally's Swill. Yes, Sally's Swill - no comments, please! After a lot of sketching (how does a squirrel's shoulder look when he's moving, where is a mouse tail actually attached?) I used mixed media, including watercolor, watercolor pencils, and India ink pens and brushes. Faber Castell artist pens with brush tips were new to me and a pleasure to use. Quite a change from my usual Everglades. I'm sure it will help me to grow as an artist. How far out of your comfort zone in life are you willing to go to grow?


Muck About with Clyde Butcher

Every year on Labor Day weekend, Everglades photographer Clyde Butcher and his wife Niki open their Everglades property to the public for a "muck about". In cooperation with a number of Everglades groups, experienced park Rangers will take groups into the swamp to see it's beauty and mystery first hand. You can get a preview of the walk by checking out this video on youtube, but it's not as good as the actual experience!

Clyde himself is usually on hand to autograph his books or for a photograph. You can purchase a muck about tee shirt and the proceeds will benefit Everglades restoration. There's a party atmosphere, and even if you forgo getting wet, take a ride out and plan to be part of this fun weekend! I'm letting you know early so you can call ahead to reserve your tour. Great for kids, and anyone else wanting a unique Florida experience!

Going Green
7" x 5" (17.8cm x 12.7cm)
acrylic on board
$150 with FREE shipping and handling in the US
E-mail me for International shipping rates or other inquiries.


One of the things I love most when I paint is to create a moment in time. When possible, I do this on site, but more often lately I'm in the studio. This soft morning scene is one of those moments. Imagine it's just after dawn, when the morning clouds are lifting and the light is clear. Imagine being in a kayak or canoe and moving slowly through the swamp. Even a wading bird having breakfast is not disturbed as we glide quietly by. At each turn a new scene unfolds and with that, new delight in nature's bounty. The grasses and the myriad of life they hold is such a mystery to ponder. The sky lightens and the light flickers as the day unfolds. Wish I could be out there on the water at dawn more than I am!

There's a place in my past that's no longer accessible to me, and another from my childhood that I return to in my mind for peace. What's your favorite peaceful place?

There's a nice group of photos from Tuesday's event in the Marco Eagle this morning, and you can see them here. You may even see one of yourself and friends!

Morning Glide
7" x 5" (17.8cm x 12.7cm)
acrylic on board
$150 with FREE shipping and handling in the US
E-mail me for International shipping rates or other inquiries.


Art League Opening

Who would have thought that a painting would make such a nice cake? I had no idea! One of our local grocery stores is very good at this sort of thing, and I was surprised and delighted to see it! One of my paintings as a cake! I loved it, and it tasted good, too!
Marco Island Center for the Arts does a great job of putting on a nice reception, and it was wonderful to see such a nice turnout. Thanks to all of you who showed up to support the Art League and me, too! I presented to Art League's president Bill Morris the proceeds of last month's auction. There's also a picture of Dawn with her new painting. Thanks, Dawn!
I'm trying to turn the slide show that I got up on the blog with great difficulty into showing only the new paintings from the show. No such luck, so you'll have to visit the Art League to see the show, or watch for them here in the future.
Local author Tom Williams will be the speaker at the quarterly luncheon for the Marco Island Foundation for the Arts this Friday at Bayview Restaurant. This is sure to be a good program, get more information on the MIFA website. Tom's got a new book coming out later this summer. Should be a very nice event, so come along!


Soft Evening Light daily painting by Jo-Ann Sanborn

Tomorrow night, Tuesday, will be the last of the Marco Island Center for the Arts summer Wine Tastings. I'm excited about being the featured artist and will have an exhibition in the small gallery. All the paintings I'll be showing are new this summer and will be different from those shown at the Orion Bank Artist Appreciation event last month. If you're on the island, come out and share a glass of wine with me, see my newest work, and support the Art League at the same time. Non-members will be charged $5 and members are free. Great deal.
Artists love and need publicity about their work, and there's a nice article about my art in the Naples Daily News Sunday's Etc. magazine. It's unusual to get a whole page, and pictures, too! You can read it here. Thanks, Quentin!
As you know, I'm not a technocrati, but if you get this blog in your mailbox, check it out here. After only about two days of working on it I've managed to get a small slide show up. Whoopie!

Soft Evening Light
7" x 5"
acrylic on board
$150 with FREE shipping and handling in the US



What do we call someone who loves books? Bookophile? Bookie? I've just finished teaching a six week class on acrylics, and I brought a couple of books to class each week to give the students some suggestions if they wanted more information on that week's lesson. I have several favorites that include The Art Spirit, by Robert Henri, Developing your Natural Ability by Charles Sovek, and Wolf Kahn's Pastels.They're very different, but you can pick up any of these and open randomly to learn some new idea, technique or thought. I return again and again to Emile Gruppe's Brushwork for the Oil Painter, Faber Birren's Principals of Color, and Stephen Quiller's Color Choices for inspiration or research. There are hundreds of others that have given me a tidbit or a meal of learning enjoyment. What's your favorite?

August is a special month. Some of the people dearest to me have birthdays or other special celebrations in August. You can celebrate, too, with free shipping on any painting this month!

7" x 5"
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