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Dog Days

I've added a link to the Daily Painters Guild website. I don't know any of them, but have been admiring their work for some time. Most of them paint every day, as I do. Their paintings are usually quite small. I paint small paintings sometimes, but use the summer when I'm not so busy and have a little more space in the studio to do larger works. Today's painting is sold, and is living in Hawaii now.


Evening Sky Painting by JoAnn Sanborn

Evening Sky was featured in an article in "N" magazine a while ago, and then was on display in an exhibition of local art at the new hospital just a few miles away. It's back in the studio now. I love the enlongated pines--a nice change from palms!


I'm cleaning out my studio, and taking several old paintings and reworking them. Sometimes it takes a while before you can see what's not quite right with a painting, or just realize that it could be better. This painting is quite right, with great colors and flow. Sites like this excite me, saying something new even if I've visited the site before.


This is the time of new growth for Everglades grasses. They welcome the passing summer storms that soak their roots. The old, dead grasses of the past generation are still apparent, but the green of new growth can be seen at the base of each clump and will soon overtake the previous year's remains.


Nice time of year for a boat ride. The waters are calm and warm, and the sky is full of powderpuff clouds. When it's quiet like this the reflections are just fabulous. We saw some dolphin earlier.

Please let me know if you are trying to join the group to receive my posts, and are having trouble getting in. We'll try it another way!


Colors of Summer

Open your heart to the beauty of this wild land. It is unique in all the world and important to our ultimate survival on this planet. Once you are open to it, you will learn to cherish it. Enjoy the beautiful blues of summer and it will bring peace to your heart.


Back on Marco after a few days up north. We attended a wedding with dear friends from Rhode Island, and visited with two grandsons in Connecticut. The boys have a new pond and are busy catching fish and frogs to stock it. Caught some, too, and rushed back to release them! Eight year old Simon showed me wonderful drawings of the view from his bedroom window of clouds, sunset, and storms. Woke up today to a quiet summer morning, with high humidity and already hot! I'm looking forward to lunch with a group of professional artists from this area.


Do these palms look just like they're power walking across the landscape, or maybe at exercise class? They've stepped out from their background and are on the move. It took a while to get the balance between the movement of the palms and their background, and still get your eye to travel around the painting properly. This scene is located in the Panther Preserve.


Rain in the distance is a common sight when crossing the glades this time of year. Scenes like this are common on both Alligator Alley and the Tamiami Trail. I worked this painting, one of several, after crossing the "alley" on short notice to bring documents to the airport for my brother-in- law. He had left his money and passport on the bed in Marco and had to have them to get on the plane! Luckily I made it with plenty of time and came home with a head full of paintings from the wonderful moving, changing light. I was fortunate not to be rained on until I was almost back home!


I've been fussing with this painting for quite a while. It took a number of glazes to get just the feeling I wanted of the quiet time of the evening. The sun is just set and the landscape infused in the soft light. The natural world seems at peace. Moments like this pass all too quickly and should be treasured.


Walking the beach is one of my favorite things to do. It brings me a sense of peace and joy and renews my spirit. I go back to the studio refreshed. I've eliminated the buildings behind these palms and portrayed them taking a beach walk. The usual afternoon clouds are building over the gulf, foretelling of the rain to come. Yesterday we had a much welcome soaking rain.


This little group of palms are dancing in a light breeze. Palms "dance" more easily than most trees because of their open structure. I thought it was completed, but may take a second look and make some revisions. I'll think about it for a few days and show you any changes later.


Alone with a Palm

Why is this palm not back in the brush like all the other larger growth? Is the earth just a little higher here, with just enough more earth to allow the palm thrive among the grasses? In the wonderful light I painted the palm as if a portrait.


As a summer storm builds, the reflections in the water become more dramatic. Irresistible to an artist! I get a good start on this one in the field, and then finish in the studio when the rain starts.
By the way, all my prices include framing in a simple 3" gold frame.


The Big Cypress National Preserve is a wonderful, magical place full of lush grassland prairies and moving light. It's a place I love to paint because it reveals some new wonder every time I spend time there. With this painting I want you to feel the deep sense of mystery that the moving clouds and light evoke.


A hot summer day, prairie lush with new growth. Heavy rain had saturated the "river of grass." The water is oh-so-clear. This water will eventually make it's way south to the gulf over the gently sloping land. The shimmering reflections caught my attention and that 's what is portrayed here.


One of those perfect days. Not too humid, lots of blue sky, and just enough clouds to show it off. This one is right off US 41 between Marco Island and Everglade City.
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