Florida painter, Everglades, Marco Island, artist Jo-Ann Sanborn


It's been very dry lately and the smell of the smoke from a fire in the Big Cypress Nationa Preserve has reached Marco Island. Rain is forcast for the weekend, and it will be welcomed. Sometimes, usually before a show, when I finish a painting I put some words with it. Here are some words for "Rain is Coming:"

The coming rain can be smelled in the sigh of a breeze as the tranquil palms await the cooling, welcome refreshment.


Like yesterday's painting, this one is about palms. Palm trees against their background is a subject I return to often. In the Everglades the background can be deep brushy growth, open prairie, or the sky. In every case the positive and negative shapes created and the movement of light through and around the trees intrigues me. Out come the paint brushes!


Still smokey today so I won't be going out to paint but will be working in the studio. This painting was just finished. I like the rich surface and deep colors.


This large painting is one of my favorites. With so much open grass and soft colors it's very typical of Everglade veiws. Now, if I've done this right you'll be able to leave a comment if you'd like. I'm off to the beach for a cook-out!

This painting is from earilier this spring when the air was clear. Today, and for the last couple of weeks we're smelling smoke from the wildfires that are still burning around our area. They are natural for this environment, but I'll still be glad when the summer rains come to freshen the air!
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